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BPF Syscall BPF_PROG_GET_NEXT_ID command


This syscall command is used to iterate over all loaded programs.

Return type

This command will return 0 on success or a error number (negative integer) if something went wrong.


This syscall command will populate the next_id field with the ID of the "next" program which will have a higher number than start_id. If no program IDs are known, start_id can be left at 0. If no programs exist higher than start_id, next_id is set to -1 and the syscall will return an -ENOENT error code.

So to iterate or discover all loaded programs:

  1. call this command repeatably with the same attribute pointer and the attributes initialized at zero
  2. move next_id to start_id between each call
  3. record all next_id values
  4. stop when we get an error

The IDs returned by this command can be used with the BPF_PROG_GET_FD_BY_ID syscall command to get a file descriptor to the actual program.



The ID from which we wish to start iterating. next_id will always be higher than this field.


This field will be set to the next program ID, or -1 if no next program exists.