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Helper function bpf_l4_csum_replace



Copyright (c) 2015 The Libbpf Authors. All rights reserved.

Recompute the layer 4 (e.g. TCP, UDP or ICMP) checksum for the packet associated to skb. Computation is incremental, so the helper must know the former value of the header field that was modified (from), the new value of this field (to), and the number of bytes (2 or 4) for this field, stored on the lowest four bits of flags. Alternatively, it is possible to store the difference between the previous and the new values of the header field in to, by setting from and the four lowest bits of flags to 0. For both methods, offset indicates the location of the IP checksum within the packet. In addition to the size of the field, flags can be added (bitwise OR) actual flags. With BPF_F_MARK_MANGLED_0, a null checksum is left untouched (unless BPF_F_MARK_ENFORCE is added as well), and for updates resulting in a null checksum the value is set to CSUM_MANGLED_0 instead. Flag BPF_F_PSEUDO_HDR indicates the checksum is to be computed against a pseudo-header.

This helper works in combination with bpf_csum_diff(), which does not update the checksum in-place, but offers more flexibility and can handle sizes larger than 2 or 4 for the checksum to update.

A call to this helper is susceptible to change the underlying packet buffer. Therefore, at load time, all checks on pointers previously done by the verifier are invalidated and must be performed again, if the helper is used in combination with direct packet access.


0 on success, or a negative error in case of failure.

static long (* const bpf_l4_csum_replace)(struct __sk_buff *skb, __u32 offset, __u64 from, __u64 to, __u64 flags) = (void *) 11;


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Program types

This helper call can be used in the following program types:


Docs could be improved

This part of the docs is incomplete, contributions are very welcome