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Helper function bpf_check_mtu



Copyright (c) 2015 The Libbpf Authors. All rights reserved.

Check packet size against exceeding MTU of net device (based on ifindex). This helper will likely be used in combination with helpers that adjust/change the packet size.

The argument len_diff can be used for querying with a planned size change. This allows to check MTU prior to changing packet ctx. Providing a len_diff adjustment that is larger than the actual packet size (resulting in negative packet size) will in principle not exceed the MTU, which is why it is not considered a failure. Other BPF helpers are needed for performing the planned size change; therefore the responsibility for catching a negative packet size belongs in those helpers.

Specifying ifindex zero means the MTU check is performed against the current net device. This is practical if this isn't used prior to redirect.

On input mtu_len must be a valid pointer, else verifier will reject BPF program. If the value mtu_len is initialized to zero then the ctx packet size is use. When value mtu_len is provided as input this specify the L3 length that the MTU check is done against. Remember XDP and TC length operate at L2, but this value is L3 as this correlate to MTU and IP-header tot_len values which are L3 (similar behavior as bpf_fib_lookup).

The Linux kernel route table can configure MTUs on a more specific per route level, which is not provided by this helper. For route level MTU checks use the bpf_fib_lookup() helper.

ctx is either struct xdp_md for XDP programs or struct sk_buff for tc cls_act programs.

The flags argument can be a combination of one or more of the following values:


    This flag will only works for ctx struct sk_buff. If packet context contains extra packet segment buffers (often knows as GSO skb), then MTU check is harder to check at this point, because in transmit path it is possible for the skb packet to get re-segmented (depending on net device features). This could still be a MTU violation, so this flag enables performing MTU check against segments, with a different violation return code to tell it apart. Check cannot use len_diff.

On return mtu_len pointer contains the MTU value of the net device. Remember the net device configured MTU is the L3 size, which is returned here and XDP and TC length operate at L2. Helper take this into account for you, but remember when using MTU value in your BPF-code.


  • 0 on success, and populate MTU value in mtu_len pointer.

  • < 0 if any input argument is invalid (mtu_len not updated)

MTU violations return positive values, but also populate MTU value in mtu_len pointer, as this can be needed for implementing PMTU handing:


static long (* const bpf_check_mtu)(void *ctx, __u32 ifindex, __u32 *mtu_len, __s32 len_diff, __u64 flags) = (void *) 163;


Docs could be improved

This part of the docs is incomplete, contributions are very welcome

Program types

This helper call can be used in the following program types:


Docs could be improved

This part of the docs is incomplete, contributions are very welcome