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KFunc bpf_crypto_ctx_release


Release a previously acquired BPF crypto context.


Releases a previously acquired reference to a BPF crypto context. When the final reference of the BPF crypto context has been released, its memory will be released.

ctx: The crypto context being released.

void bpf_crypto_ctx_release(struct bpf_crypto_ctx *ctx)


This kfunc releases the pointer passed in to it. There can be only one referenced pointer that can be passed in. All copies of the pointer being released are invalidated as a result of invoking this kfunc.


This kfunc is used to release a reference held on a BPF crypto context previously acquired using bpf_crypto_ctx_acquire or bpf_crypto_ctx_create.

Program types

The following program types can make use of this kfunc:


see bpf_crypto_ctx_create for an example