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KFunc bpf_skb_set_fou_encap


Set FOU (Foo Over UDP) encap parameters


This function allows for using GUE or FOU encapsulation together with an ipip device in collect-metadata mode.

It is meant to be used in BPF tc-hooks and after a call to the bpf_skb_set_tunnel_key helper, responsible for setting IP addresses.

Parameters skb_ctx: Pointer to ctx (__sk_buff) in TC program. Cannot be NULL

encap: Pointer to a struct bpf_fou_encap storing UDP src and dst ports. If sport is set to 0 the kernel will auto-assign a port. This is similar to using encap-sport auto. Cannot be NULL

type: Encapsulation type for the packet. Their definitions are specified in enum bpf_fou_encap_type, possible values:



0 on success, a negative error code on failure

int bpf_skb_set_fou_encap(struct __sk_buff *skb_ctx, struct bpf_fou_encap *encap, int type)


The bpf_skb_set_fou_encap kfunc is supposed to be used in tandem and after a successful call to the bpf_skb_set_tunnel_key bpf-helper. UDP source and destination ports can be controlled by passing a struct bpf_fou_encap. A source port of zero will auto-assign a source port. enum bpf_fou_encap_type is used to specify if the egress path should FOU or GUE encap the packet.

Program types

The following program types can make use of this kfunc:


// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
/* Copyright (c) 2016 VMware
 * Copyright (c) 2016 Facebook
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public
 * License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

int ipip_fou_set_tunnel(struct __sk_buff *skb)
    struct bpf_tunnel_key key = {};
    struct bpf_fou_encap encap = {};
    void *data = (void *)(long)skb->data;
    struct iphdr *iph = data;
    void *data_end = (void *)(long)skb->data_end;
    int ret;

    if (data + sizeof(*iph) > data_end) {
        return TC_ACT_SHOT;

    key.tunnel_ttl = 64;
    if (iph->protocol == IPPROTO_ICMP)
        key.remote_ipv4 = 0xac100164; /* */

    ret = bpf_skb_set_tunnel_key(skb, &key, sizeof(key), 0);
    if (ret < 0) {
        return TC_ACT_SHOT;
    } = 0;
    encap.dport = bpf_htons(5555);

    ret = bpf_skb_set_fou_encap(skb, &encap, FOU_BPF_ENCAP_FOU);
    if (ret < 0) {
        return TC_ACT_SHOT;

    return TC_ACT_OK;