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BPF Syscall BPF_OBJ_PIN command


The BPF_OBJ_PIN command is used to pin a BPF object to the BPF file system.

Return value

This command will return 0 on success or a error number (negative integer) if something went wrong.


A common use case for creating such a pin is to transfer a reference to a BPF object from one process to another. The BPF_OBJ_GET syscall command can be used to get a file descriptor from pins created with this command.

Please the the pinning concept page for more details.



This field indicates the filename on the pin we wish to create. It should be a pointer to a null terminated string.

The filename must indicate a non-existent file in a directory that is within the "BPF file system" (typically mounted at /sys/fs/bpf).

The filename must be an absolute path, so not relative paths (paths including a . or ..).


This field indicates the file descriptor for the BPF object you wish to pin.


This field indicates flags for the creation of the file. Currently there are no valid flags for this command.